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Strategic Coaching and Support

Career Coaching


Leveraging years of recruiting expertise, Jessica helps her coaching clients

fast-track their next career,

while prioritizing what matters to them.

Leadership Coaching


Jessica provides clients with actionable feedback on what’s working,

what’s not, and how to confidently move forward toward a new future.

HR Consulting


Jessica offers customized, strategic

HR consulting services to address organizational values and culture and other key growth issues.

Holistic Career Coaching

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Why career coaching?

  • When you’re trying to make a change, but you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

  • When you feel stuck figuring out what’s next in your career

  • When everyone’s giving you advice, but none of it really helps you move forward

  • When you want to change careers but no one will take you seriously

  • When you keep striking out with online applications


Your family

Your finances
Your quality of life

Your work

What matters to you


Expert guidance

Clear paths to

meaningful work

Real options

Authentic marketing

Maximizing the skills & experience you value


Challenging questions

No bullshit

Working a plan—together

Quick progress

Seeing you through to

new success

Leadership Coaching

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The Coaching Difference

  • When you’ve been given a new challenge and need to figure out how to tackle it

  • When you know you need to grow but don’t quite know what that looks like

  • When you need to figure out how to work in a totally different way

  • When your team is growing and you don’t know how to support them effectively

  • When you feel out of your comfort zone

  • When you’re going through a transition and need some outside perspective

Most of us need help making big shifts, whether in life, with work, or other new challenges. Coaching is a focused way to bring in a trusted resource to be a sounding board and an accountability partner—to help you take the critical next steps you need, quickly, to change gears, and feel confident in your direction.

Leadership coaching can be effective in as little as three months—or can be a longer-term support for your growth and development.

Strategic HR Consulting

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Smaller organizations often struggle to think about how best to grow their team, what positions to add next, and how to intentionally build a great culture. Even when they have an HR role on staff, that person is typically consumed with all the tactical work of hiring, payroll, and benefits.

Jessica offers customized, strategic HR consulting services to address key issues including:

  • Leadership coaching and development to support new managers 

  • Clarifying the organization's cultural priorities—how we work together

  • Long-term staffing planning: designing roles that make sense to support growth

  • Building the capacity of staff to handle increased responsibility, and work more effectively together

  • Team building facilitation to guide through transitions and changes

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